New survey data shows that some larger towns and villages are well short of national average connection speeds.

Broadband black spots are not all rural

A third of the UK is still blighted by broadband speeds less than five megabits a second according to a new broadband survey, with the average speed just 6.7Mb/s.

Comparison site, based on 1.68 million speed tests, also found that a quarter of the UK were on less than 4Mb/s speeds.

"Britain might be riding the wave of a super-fast broadband revolution, but for the 49% who get less than the national average broadband speed, the wave isn’t causing so much a splash as a ripple," said telecoms chief Julia Stent.

"And what’s really surprising is the number of cities and towns such as Hereford and Carlisle that are suffering from slow broadband speeds, dispelling the view that it’s just rural areas and small towns that have issues with their broadband," she said.

Hereford had an average speed of just 3.1Mbps but villages elsewhere in the country made that look like the fast lane. The East Sussex village of Winchelsea had an truly shocking average connection speed of just over a megabit.

The government has set a goal of delivering a minimum of 2Mbps to all homes in the UK by 2015.

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