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Ubuntu developer Canonical is drumming up support from manufacturers for dual-OS smartphones.

Full Ubuntu desktop coming to Android phones

Linux developer Canonical has unveiled plans for a version of Ubuntu to run on Android smartphones which will use the same kernel as the Linux-based Android OS.

Designed to run on docked Android phones, Canonical said that Ubuntu will be an ideal companion to powerful multi-core CPU-equipped phones. The company is looking to target the developing world by turning smartphones into more general computing devices.

A website devoted to Android Ubuntu makes the case for device manufacturers to integrate the OS, arguing that it would drive demand for higher spec devices with fast CPUs and next-generation 4G wireless. The company hinted at an emerging ecosystem as users would be interested in docks, keyboards and monitors to go with their Android/Ubuntu phone.

While the attraction might be a little on the cool side for mainstream consumers, Canonical makes a powerful case when it comes to enterprise software given the ability to deliver industrial solutions for mobile workers such as VMWare, Citrix and Adobe applications.

With the increasing specifications of smartphones, the idea of a smartphone that runs a mobile-focused small screen ‘app’-based OS with a larger full featured OS for a desktop is a solid one. It’s even more likely to arrive on some phones given that Android phone makers are always on the hunt for features to differentiate themselves from Android rivals.

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