Isobar Create London hopes to entice bright young things to come up with some actual use for the technology.

O2 hosts NFC ‘accelerator’ event in London

Mobile operator O2 is to take part in an event described as the "UK’s first NFC accelerator event" aimed at inspiring developers to create new and innovative uses for near-field communications.

Isobar Create London is the name of the event which will host a 36-hour challenge for attendees to try come up with some compelling reason why anyone should care that their phone does NFC. The winner will gain some funding to see their idea through to fruition.

O2 even has a "head of NFC" Neil Rutter who said that the firm was "really excited" about the technology. "O2 is committed to supporting and enabling developer communities to deliver innovative applications for consumers and businesses using NFC technology, limited only by their imagination," Rutter said.

Attendees at Isobar Create London will also get to take in presentations from other NFC-interested parties including Google and RIM. Who knows, maybe something will come of it and before too long we’re all bumping phones to… do stuff.

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