CEO praised by partners after pledging to be a steady hand on the tiller

HP’s Meg Whitman lauded by resellers

HP’s chief executive Meg Whitman has drawn applause from delegates at the HP Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas after pledging to be "a steady hand on the tiller".

Addressing the concerns raised after a tumultuous 2011, Whitman said that she wanted to get HP out of the headlines for drama and in to them for delivering products.

"I want to re-establish HP’s reputation as a reliable and trusted partner that you can rely on to build your business," she told partners, before addressing the reasons behind the retention of the Personal Systems Group. "we came to the decision that HP, PSG and you (the resellers) are better together than apart and I feel great about that decision."

Her delivery brought strong applause from the assembled HP partners, many of whom seemed happy with a CEO who appreciated the channel side of the business.

"I love the channel," she said, citing her previous role at the community focused auction site, eBay, as a pedigree, "I get what you do and I appreciate the importance of what we do together."

In fact, Whitman’s performance was so strong that one reseller stood up during the Q&A’s to state that he would be telling his customers and employees that "she rocks", and given her reception at the event, it certainly seems that Whitman is the rock that HP has been looking for.

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