's survey plots how touchy-feely drivers are with their navigation aids across the country.

83% of British drivers ‘misled’ by sat navs

Faulty directions from GPS sat navs have caused over £200 million in vehicle damage according to a new survey from

83 per cent of British drivers had been ‘misled’ by GPS satellite navigation devices with 31 per cent described as being left "red faced" after suffering car damage. Interestingly men tended to blame the sat nav for car damage while women more readily admitted that the navigation aids had lead them astray.

Drivers in the East Midlands apparently fared the worst with half of them ‘frustrated’ behind the wheel due to poor performance of their sat nav systems while in Scotland, as much as 80 per cent of drivers said their devices provided misleading directions.

"Our research has shown that the Sat Nav is not always the blessing it was once hailed to be and increasingly, motorists appear to be sighting the device as a source of frustration and danger," said’s Gareth Kloet.

The company provides a ‘sat nav blackspot" map which the firm suggests could "help reduce risk" and enable drivers to be a "little happier."

In other news, 100% of web journalists felt confused and annoyed that’s web site was down when they wanted to check out the map for themselves.

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