Shock of the day: Apple is quite well known

Apple voted most memorable logo

A new survey has revealed the top ten most memorable logos voted for by UK start-ups and small business owners. Unsurprisingly, Apple takes the crown.

Small Business Logos polled businesses online to find out what makes well-known logos effective. It was also hoping to uncover trends and tips to help businesses when it comes to creating their own logos.

Participants were able to select from a range of well-known and iconic brands across a variety of sectors such as technology, retail, business products and services, consumers brands and more.

And the winners, along with a bit of analysis from Small Business Logos, are:

Apple: Clean, modern and extremely easy to reproduce

BBC: Simple, memorable and works well on TV, online and in-print

Nike: Suggestive of movement, ideal for a sports brand, and works well on the side of a trainer

Amazon: Embodying the company’s philosophy: everything from A to Z, delivered with a smile

Google: Strong primary colours, enhanced by ‘Google doodles’

London Underground: The capital’s most instantly recognised logo, the shape recalling the tube’s tunnels

UPS: Brown is symbolic of parcel paper, with the shield suggesting security

American Express: Squares and block lettering indicate strength and trust

Sky: A versatile logo that supports brand extension: SkyNews, SkyHD, SkyMovies etc

HSBC: The only logo in the top ten to use a very traditional serif font, more commonly associated with business and finance, suggesting authority

Lucy Smith, marketing and e-commerce director for Small Business Logos, said: “Logos are a crucial part of a business’ identity, and, as our winners prove, over time they become important entities in their own right, instantly conjuring up the values and key messages of a particular brand.

“We’ve taken a close look at what made our top ten to help businesses make informed choices when it comes to their own branding. Simplicity and the ability to reproduce in a range of different sizes, media and on products, is key. Think about how colour, symbols and shapes might represent what you do or the sector you operate in – Apple’s silver is widely associated with technology. If you have a growth plan factor this in to your thinking when briefing the initial logo; consider how versatile it is if your business develops?

“Creating a strong, memorable logo can really enhance the success of your business. Use the clues provided by the UK’s market leaders to make your company’s branding relevant, clear and on-target. And if I can give you one piece of advice, keep it simple.”

You can go to for the full report.

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