The Office Academic SKUs are no more, to be replaced with direct-sold Office University 2010 with online verification.

Microsoft gets heavy on educational pricing

Microsoft is to replace the software giant’s Office Academic 2010 products for education with a new Office University package with tighter restrictions on eligibility.

Rather than verification happening independently by the retailer (who weren’t supposed to sell copies of the Academic SKUs to non-students and staff), the new Office University has an online eligibility system that needs to be completed before obtaining the product key.

Hard-up Microsoft is now asking tertiary students and staff to prove their credentials with an email address and there are restrictions on the hours of courses, chiefly being more than 15 hours per week.

The Microsoft Office University 2010 comes with Access, Excel, OneOne, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. The same scheme also enables buying a licence for Windows 7 Professional as well as a ‘language pack’ which will add non-English languages to the Office software.

Microsoft is selling the products directly via the Microsoft Store with Microsoft Office University 2010 for PC and Mac priced at £69.99 each and the Windows 7 Professional ‘upgrade’ priced at £70.99. If you want old fashioned discs to go with that, it’s an extra nine quid.

There’s an eligibility page available here.

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