Targets the flagship Android 4.0 device with newly-granted patents.

Apple tries to ban the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Apple has launched yet another patent infringement suit, this time targeting Samsung and the Galaxy Nexus phone in an attempt to ban the importation of the device into the US market.

The company has requested a preliminary injunction against Samsung before the issue proceeds to trial. Apple apparently believes that a number of newly granted patents such as a slide-to-unlock patent and a ‘unified search’ patent related to Siri, will be more successful than previous action the iPhone maker has brought against Android device manufacturers.

The suit alleges that Samsung had "systematically copied Apple’s innovative technology and products, features, and designs." The two companies are involved in dozens of legal battles worldwide.

Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs told his biographer that he intended to "spend my last dying breath" and all of Apple’s formidable cash reserves in order to "destroy Android" on the basis that he believed it was a "stolen product."

Going after an official Google-branded ‘Nexus’ handset is the closest Apple has come to the almost inevitable showdown between Apple and Google themselves. If any of the patents hold up then the entire Android ecosystem will be similarly at risk of being banned from sale in the US.

There had been some speculation that with Jobs’ passing the company might scale back the legal war but this latest action appears to make that less likely than ever.

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