German PC enthusiast specialist retailer moves to snap up veteran British web shop. buys Overclockers UK

German enthusiast PC retailer AF Gaming Gmbh, operators of, has acquired British enthusiast PC gaming veteran Overclockers UK.

Announcing the move in a forum post, Overclockers UK boss Mark Proudfoot revealed that the 40-staff retailer’s new joint managing directors would now be Toni Sonn and Kay Kostadinov.

"The management teams of Overclockers UK and Caseking are keen to continue with the successful development of the combined group as a pan-European market leader," Proudfoot said.

12 year-old Overclockers is also known for the firm’s popular PC enthusiast forums. "I am immensely proud of the forums and all that they have achieved," Proudfoot said. "We have always been different – bold, outspoken and controversial," he admitted but went on to say that this "set us apart from the rest".

On this point, we’d be included to agree. Some years ago Overclockers UK deleted forum posts and closed the account of a PCR staff member for posting information about consumer statutory rights of return under the distance selling regulations.

Proudfoot also said that the retailer would continue existing relationships with suppliers and the Newcastle-under-Lyme premises could look forward to investment from the new parent company.

As for his own plans, Proudfoot said that the "time had come for me to realise my investment", apparently staying on only to remain the forum administrator.

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