Not much fixed, but you probably want to update anyway if you have one of the Sandy Bridge HD graphics processors.

New Intel Sandy Bridge graphics drivers

Intel has released a new graphics driver for the firm’s Sandy Bridge integrated HD graphics for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The new Intel HD graphics driver supports the Core i3 Mobile processor, Core i3, Core i5 Mobile, Core i5, Core i7 Mobile and Pentium-branded processors with the Sandy Bridge graphics part.

One of the issued fixed is a stripe and ‘unusual colour video’ when using applied rewind. A driver crash when using the video app Interstage Studio and the display panel switching to 50Hz on battery power even if the power plan isn’t set to change the refresh rate.

Intel describes the changes made to generic drivers which are then usually rebundled by OEMs although of course there’s nothing to stop people using the generic Intel drivers.

It’s likely there’s further fixes under the hood and perhaps some performance improvements too. Intel isnt terribly verbose when it comes to describing what’s changed with the infrequent video driver updates.

The drivers can be found on Intel’s download center under graphics and processor graphics.

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