Lovely-looking Android smartphone swathed in old-school material bamboo.

British student crafts wooden phone ADzero

A British student is behind a new effort to create an Android smartphone with an eco-friendly chassis made from bamboo.

The ADzero is the brainchild of Middlesex University suitably-named student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse and the images so far show all-wood backs and a wooden bezel around the usual glass and plastic front screen.

Short for ‘Just Add Zero’, images on the ADzero website show off two different tones, a stained and lighter plain colour. The phone is due to hit the market later in the year although not much else is know about it.

The use of bamboo has apparently gathered some interest from China where investors have apparently bankrolled production of the phone.

As you’d expect there’s holes in the wood back for ports but rather than the usual separate hole for a LED flash, the ADzero has a ‘ring flash’ surrounding the circular cutout for the rear-facing camera.

In an age of increasingly light and plasty, dare we say tacky, smartphones from all comers – it’s great to see an alternative for the discerning eco-warrior come smartphone fan.

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