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Cutting-edge home entertainment producs now more accessible for UK retail

Gem signs partnership with Jarre Technologies

UK retail services and distribution firm Gem has signed a new partnership agreement with Jarre Technologies.

Jarre Technologies is a high-performance brand in the consumer electronics, home-entertainment sector. Its founder, musician Jean Michael Jarre, is renowned for breaking new ground in concert performance and hopes to achieve similar heights with Jarre Technologies.

Working with Gem, the two firms aim to make Jarre Technologies’ products more easily available in the UK retail market.

Gem has already secured a deal to supply a range to Harrods for its new technology store in March.

Phil Munro, head of business development for Gem, commented: “Being recognised for their high performance and cutting-edge products, we are delighted that Jarre Technologies has chosen Gem as its distribution partner and given us the opportunity to represent its brand as it penetrates the UK retail market; we are very excited to what the future holds for this partnership.”

“The UK’s profound cultural and historical ties with music, Jean-Michel Jarre’s personal attachment to the country together with the major volume size it represents, all make the UK a logical and fundamental step in our development. We are extremely excited and eager to introduce our brand by teaming up with Gem which brings a wealth of experience to grow our business whilst maintaining our reputation for outstanding quality,” said Olivier Lenoir, head of sales for Jarre. 

Gem-Jarre puns are available on request.

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