Pricey device is the world's first 4 x 4 MIMO 802.11n WAP.

Cisco launches high-spec Aironet 3600 WiFi access point

Network specialist Cisco has launched a new wireless access point which the firm claims is the world’s only 4×4 multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) wireless access point.

The high-spec super-fast access point is capable of delivering 450 Mbps per radio via the 802.11n wireless standard, as well as supporting the 802.11r standard for fast seamless hand offs between access points.

Aimed at the growth of mobile devices in the work place, Cisco says that the Aironet 3600 provides up to three times more coverage for tablets, smartphones, and high-performance laptops.

The Aironet 3600 also boasts Cisco’s ClientLink 2.0 technology which is aimed at optimising bandwidth on mixed-client 802.11a/g networks with 802.11n clients.

Looking more like a flash, if small, white consumer bit of gear rather than the usual more pedestrian enterprise networking gear, the Aironet still carries a pro price tag, coming in at over £1,000 with external antennas.

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