Exhibition comes under legal pressure from consumer electronics brand

Apple event changes name to Appule

Indigo Media & Events and MacTechnology have announced that their new Apple-specific exhibition has changed its name to Appule after coming under legal pressure from Apple itself.

Initially the event – targeted at giving Apple personal and professional users opportunities to try a variety of Apple products and accessories – was called appleexpo.

Its first iteration didn’t last long. “As soon as we announced it, we received a 30-page ‘you can’t call it that’ letter from Apple’s solicitors enclosing a long printout of many Apple’s registered trademarks in Europe, which naturally didn’t include the word appleexpo,” said Robert Peckham of MacTechnology.

It then changed name to AppleProExpo, but that didn’t wash with the consumer electronics giant either.

Perhaps it will be a case of third-time lucky…

Appule is an acronym for Apple Personal & Professional User Liver Expos. The first in a planned series of events will be a professional user show held at the Barbican Centre in London in October.

"The new brand identity successfully avoids all conflict with any Apple-trademark names, but still manages to convey what these events are all about" commented Peckham, "Appule will be the UK’s only major, high-profile, independent exhibition events for Apple users, showcasing the brilliance of Apple computers and portable devices, along with Mac OS & iOS applications and solutions."

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