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Mobile operator offers proper unlimited mobile plans with no 'fair use' and tethering enabled.

T-Mobile unveils Full Monty unlimited plans

Mobile network operator T-Mobile is to launch a ‘true’ unlimited mobile plan on Wednesday dubbed the ‘Full Monty’.

The new plans offer unlimited internet access, texts and calls to other T-Mobile numbers as well as 2,000 minutes to other networks.

Fully Monty plans begin at £36 a month for a two-year contract with a ‘free’ Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC Sensation XE or an 8GB iPhone 4. Another £99 buys 16GB the iPhone 4S.

Slightly pricier versions from £41 and up will offer unlimited calls to other networks and make the iPhone 4S free or cheaper depending on the memory capacity version of the phone.

T-Mobile stressed there’s no ‘fair use’ limited on the package and the network operator is not restricting tethering to notebooks.

Existing T-Mobile contract owners also have the ability to upgrade to the unlimited package.

Could it be that with additional spectrum on the horizon as the Ofcom 4G auction approaches, T-Mobile is feeling brave enough to open the taps on mobile broadband? It remains to be seen how the network stands up but at this point it’s hard to argue with the value.

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