Already released Enyo 2.0 JavaScript app framework for building cross-platform apps.

WebOS to be fully open-source by September

HP will release the webOS operating system to open source by September with various components becoming available each month including the recently released Enyo javascript framework.

Earlier in the week boss of the new HP open WebOS project Sam Greenblatt announced the release of Enyo 2.0, a JavaScript app framework. The broad availability of this component will allow WebOS apps built using Enyo to run on other platforms including modern web browsers.

A new Enyo website offers documentation, samples and downloads of the JavaScript library.

Next month the group will release the JavaScript core, UI widgets for Enyo and QT WebKit extensions. Following that, the WebOS Linux kernel, graphics extensions, database and USB will be made available.

HP’s move to an open source model is certainly a bold one, given the amount the firm paid for it. However the company now believes that funding an open source WebOS is the best way to promote the platform for adoption in a wider variety of devices.

"It takes a village to create a complete solution," said Greenblatt, quoting open source activist Eric Raymond.

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