Taiwanese smartphone maker will reduce the bewildering array of handsets in the future.

HTC to reduce number of models in ‘hero’ focus

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC will reduce the number of high-spec smartphones released in a change of strategy that will place the focus on "hero" products.

Speaking to Mobile magazine, HTC UK boss Phil Robertson noted something of the obvious: "We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much."

Robertson said that the company had to get back to focusing on "amazing hardware" via a "hero approach", adding that it’s difficult to do so when the "portfolio is spread too much." No kidding.

HTC’s product range has been broad and often confusing with an array of slightly different models of the flagship Sensation, but using entirely new names for other phones with 4G functionality such as the newly launched Velocity, then add the array of a rebrands for mobile networks in the UK and the US and the result is a confusing deluge of models on the market.

While the company is still renowned for making quality hardware and is also probably one of the most competent in terms of software modifications for Android, with HTC Sense probably the only manufacture modification that actually improves the OS, the diverse product strategy has often come in for criticism.

There’s little doubt this has hurt the manufacturer when compared with the success of Samsung’s approach of focusing on individual modules such as the Galaxy S range. HTC head office hasn’t said anything regarding a future product strategy but hopefully Robertson’s comments are reflective of a global change.

The company even used Hero as a name for the third Android handset the company produced, otherwise known as the T-Mobile G2.

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