Supply chain analysts says Nokia's Lumia 900 with Windows Phone represents a major turning point.

iSuppli says Nokia will overtake iPhone by 2015

Supply chain analysts IHS iSuppli predicted that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile will overtake Apple’s iOS by 2015, buoyed by Nokia’s ‘strong support’.

The stunning pronouncement has been widely reported with the Daily Mail reporting the story and calling iSuppli "respected tech analysts" to add weight to the prediction.

However as geekwire pointed out, iSuppli’s track record is hardly on the money with the company reporting in 2009 that Windows Mobile 6.5 would become the second most popular smartphone OS by 2012.

Playing devil’s advocate we could suggest that the arrival of iOS was something of a game changer, so perhaps they could be forgiven for such a humdinger. That’s just the point though, the mobile market has been particularly volatile and trying to predict the market share in 2015 is problematic at best.

"With the introduction of its critically acclaimed Lumia 900, Nokia Corp. has set the stage to regain some of its lost smartphone market share," iSuppli claimed, apparently believing they’ll be a stampede away from the iPhone to Nokia’s finest without delay.

The company predicted a surge in demand to 9 per cent market share this year to half that of iOS. If we allow for the sub two percent market share of Windows Phone now and allow for a surge in sales for Nokia, by the end of the year, it’d have to be better (a lot better) than one Nokia Windows Phone sold for every two iPhones.

A bold claim indeed.

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