New strategy of revealing the members of cyber criminals is aimed at discourging groups from targetting Facebook.

Russian gang expose shuts down Facebook virus Koobface

A malware network has stopped infecting new computers after the New York Times exposed members of a criminal gang named Koobface.

Five Russian nationals living in St Petersburg were named as Facebook also announced that the social networking giant will share details of group members with a view to assisting security researchers.

According to a Reuters report, security researchers Dirk Kollberg and Jan Droemer said that the command and control servers of the Koobface operation stopped responding after the researchers made available a detailed report on the gang via Sophos.

An estimated 400,000 to 800,000 computers were infected by the Koobface group at its peak. Facebook is said to believe that outing criminal gangs like Koobface publicly will make life more difficult for rogue cyber gangs to operate and "send a clear message" that Facebook is an unprofitable target.

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