"Go ahead and push it - we've got your back," Intel said while unveiling new extended warranty for Core i5 nd i7 processors.

Intel launches Performance Tuning warranty for overclockers

Intel has introduced a new warranty extension service for overclockers called the Performance Tuning Protection Plan which they said would provide the chance for to experiment with the overclocking features without the worry of expensive consequences if the processor is pushed too far.

The new scheme is intended to function in addition to the standard three year warranty. "If it fails under normal usage, we will replace it under the standard warranty; if it fails while running outside of Intel’s specifications, we will replace it under the Performance Tuning Protection Plan," the company said.

Owners of high-end Intel processors can visit the Performance Tuning Protection Plan web site and make a payment via PayPal with prices ranging from US$20 for the Core i5-2500K up to $35 for the Core i7-3930K and i7-3960X.

"So what we are saying is this: Go ahead and push it, we’ve got your back," Intel said.

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