Company moves to tackle a chorus of rumbles regarding poor GPS and a locked bootloader of the tablet/notebook device.

Asus reminds unhappy Transformer Prime owners of the refund option

Asus responds to unhappy UK Eee Pad Transformer Prime users by reminding owners that they can seek a full refund under the statutory consumer rights laws.

The Transformer Prime TF201 has disappointed some new owners of the hybrid tablet/notebook due to poor GPS performance, leading the company to drop the feature from the specific. Another issue, related to poor Wi-Fi, Asus UK maintains does not affect any units sold locally.

Other owners were miffed to discover a locked boot loader, stopping them from updating the OS – ostensibly to Android Ice Cream Sandwich – and Asus announcing a brand new model, the TF600, shortly after release of the TF201 wont have won any fans either.

In a blog post Asus reminded customers they were able to seek a refund and pointed out that the TF700 will not appear in the UK until at least June. Ah the perils of the usual announce-now-ship-ages-later scenario coming out of the annual CES show.

"Asus prides itself on delivering an unrivalled user experience, and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience that our customers may have encountered," they wrote.

to the recently-announced TF700 model, this product is unlikely to be available in the UK before June at the earliest and no pricing details have been announced.

GPS, supposed WiFi issues and locked boot loader

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