A compact chassis gaming desktop that still manages to pack in high-end components.

Alienware slims it down with X51 desktop

Dell’s gaming brand Alienware has launched a new compact desktop computer called the Alienware X51 which is considerably smaller than the firm’s usual desktop towers.

Traditionally Alienware desktops have been towering, sloped and vented structures that bundled as much air as high-performance components but the new Alienware X51 marks a radical departure.

The custom, dare we say innovative chassis, is about the size of an Xbox (a big Xbox…) but as you’d expect, packs in an array of high-end PC gaming hardware including a choice of Intel Core i3 dual-core and Intel Core i5 and i7 quad-core processors.

"The community has asked for a more efficient gaming system for quite a while now," wrote Dell representative John Blain on the Dell Community blog.

"Gamers crave a system that delivers the Alienware experience in a smaller and more versatile form factor to meet the needs of today’s different environments – from the dorm room to the game room," he said.

The system also comes with either an Nvidia GeForce GT 545 or a GT 555 and the firm’s usual software including the Alienware Command Center, AlienFX lighting effects and the AlienFusion power management system.

The Alienware FX51 starts from US$699 and will go much, much higher if you fancy packing some extra beef under the hood.

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