It should have happened already, says the opposition minister for the bleeding obvious.

Shadow Minister slams 4G auction

Labour opposition shadow minister for media has slammed the slow progress of the 4G radio spectrum auction, adding that the taxpayer was out of pocket millions of pounds due to the delayed auction.

Shadow minister Helen Goodman said that government had decided that Ofcom’s sale couldn’t proceed in 2010 and that meant an estimated £2 to £4 billion was also delayed at "a time of deep cuts to the public sector."

Goodman did not appear concerned about the actual arrival of 4G mobile networks for consumers, or if she did – she wasn’t saying. Instead the MP for Bishop Auckland said that the government was missing out on a potential "£1 million of revenue a day" since the auction had yet to take place.

The original auction was delayed amid continued bickering between mobile operators and pending legal challenges. Ofcom’s new consultation is a considerably more complex document filled with justifications for the rules of the auction, clearly aimed at minimising continued network operator squabbling.

Even so, challenges are likely which may yet challenge the government revenue raising opportunity. Oh, and 4G networks arriving.

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