Samsung and LG set to introduce large 55-inch OLED displays with astonishing images and just millimeters thick.

CES 2012: OLED televisions coming, this time it’s for real

Years after their first appearance at technology shows, OLED televisions are set to finally arrive in the market place this year with Samsung and LG both showing off incredibly thin large screen OLED displays.

Korean electronics giants Samsung and LG both showed 55-inch OLED televisions based on the technology where each pixel is a organic LED rather than LCD technology which uses a back light to provide the observed light. The advantages are many including extremely thin devices, the LG model on show was just 4mm thick, and outstanding colour reproduction.

Another of the advantages is much higher contrast ratio with black sections of the image really being black, rather than the usual slight bleed-through of LCD televisions. Perhaps the best advantage is OLED’s much faster response rate, making the blurry LCD television effect (and the nasty processing used to try get around it) potentially a thing of the past.

The Samsung device didn’t seem to be an actual model of a device that would be manufactured, but rather a demonstration of so-called ‘Super OLED’. The company did vow to have some kind of set in production before the end of the year.

LG, on the other hand, demonstrated an astonishingly beautiful and thin LG 55EM9600 set which the firm said would be available in the third quarter. Neither company gave any hint of prices but we suspect that if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

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