Microsoft Signature PCs to come with the stuff you want rather than all the rubbish manufacturers are paid to shovel on.

Microsoft promotes ‘crapware’-free PCs as a selling point

Microsoft has unveiled a new marketing initiative called Microsoft Signature which is designed to introduce the lack of so-called ‘crapware’ on new PCs as a selling point for the consumer.

"Many new PCs come filled with lots of trial ware and sample software that slows your computer down," Microsoft said on the new Signature web site. "Removing all that is a pain, so we do it for you!" they add, saying that PCs sold through the Microsoft Store will be "put on a software diet."

Obviously all that nonsense that manufacturers shovel onto PCs, because they’re paid handsomely by the vendors of said ‘crapware’, doesn’t exactly put Microsoft’s best foot forward when it comes to showing off the Windows operating system.

The company sold up the benefits of "Signature" to various demographics including "the busy mom", "the media lover", "the gamer" and "the family tech advisor." Benefits such as better performance for gamers, not needing to be "an expert" and ease of supporting family computers were among some benefits cited.

The question remains whether PC builders outside of the Microsoft Store will run with ball and begin offering PCs with the Signature brand. It’d actually be pretty nice if they did but then again, there’s a lot of money in crapware so we wouldn’t hold our breath just yet.

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