New resource for retail brands seeking more marketshare and awareness

Interactive Ideas offers best practice guides for selling online

Software and peripherals distributor Interactive Ideas has announced that it’s releasing a series of best practice guides for retail brands that want to build sales online.

The first one, ‘Content is the Sales King,’ is available in February and examines how online content such as web copy, advertising and video can be used to push sales.

The guides will be located at and will be free to download. Once users sign up they’ll get full access to the page and the new guides will be made available on the first of each month.

Marketing manager Andrew Miles told PCR: “We would recommend to any company that is looking to grow their online sales in the UK to sign up for access to our best practice guides. Companies will benefit through gaining insight to a sometimes seemingly complex market through guides produced from a combination of our own experience and industry recommendations.”

Interactive Ideas believes that while most firms understand how important online is, many don’t know how best to exploit it. Interactive Idea’s Michael Breeze, marketing director, commented: “Everyone now recognises the power of online retail, but still many customers still don’t have the skills or resources to fully embrace the potential. Through the launch of these best practice guides we aim to highlight the difference our specialist service dedicated to online retail can have on sales.”

Future guides will look at logistics in an online world, social activities, and using already available data to help with decision making.

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