Tablet-based PC gaming rig offers seven channel audio and force feedback controllers.

CES 2012: Razer reveals Project Fiona

PC gaming peripheral specialist Razer has shown off a tablet-based PC Gaming rig dubbed Project Fiona, designed to be able to play the most popular PC games.

Collaborating with Intel, Razer say that the Project Fiona concept is armed with an Intel Core i7 processor and is more akin to a full spec gaming PC than a tablet computer. The big idea seems to be holding the entire device via two controller grips with a number of buttons as well as a stick on each side.

The controllers a are also capable of force feedback while the 10.1-inch touch screen display offers 1280 x 800 resolution. Accelerometers, 3-axis gyro and magnetometer are also said to be part of the spec, as well as Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

That seems like a lot of very specific specification for a device described as a ‘concept’. Presumably the firm is testing the waters at CES before moving forward with firm plans for production.

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