Available with or without knife, scissors and nail-board, an e-ink display even says how much is left on it.

CES 2012: Victorinox USB/eSATA 1TB pen-knife-drive

Swiss army knife legend Victorinox is set to enter the modern age with a pocket-knife themed USB flash drive with some pretty interesting specifications, not to mention an actual knife.

The drive will be available in capacities up to an astonishing 1TB of flash storage. Fitted with not only USB 2.0 but also eSATA-2, the Victorinox USB key on steroids also has a built-in 96 x 46-pixel e-Paper display.

Engadget said the drive would be available up to 1TB and included a picture of packaging saying just that but Victorinox’s own blog only says that a 512GB device would be available some time ‘later in the year’. More puzzling still is a photo doing the rounds (pictured) which clearly shows a sticker saying ‘Class II’ which can only mean a laser pointer was a considered option at some point.

The display can customised with a label or name, as well as showing the capacity remaining.

Two versions will be available, one with a handy screw driver and mini scissors and the other with nothing at all, presumably so you can get the thing on a plane without a burly security guard shoving your face into the carpet.

It’s not clear exactly what will be on the screen other than "displays drive contents" and no doubt the higher capacity units will be eye-wateringly expensive.

Still, a Swiss army USB key. Cool!

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