Shows off prototype display unit that uses LEDs to display rather than to backlight and no, it's not OLED either.

CES 2012: Sony announces new ‘crystal LED’ display

Calling time on the dubious marketing term of ‘LED TVs’, Sony unveiled a new prototype television based on millions of LED elements similar to smartphone OLED displays.

The Japanese electronic giant showed off a 55-inch prototype TV that uses LEDs as a display rather than traditional LCD with white LED background lighting, ala current generation ‘LED’ televisions.

The so-called ‘crystal LED’ display is, the company pointed out, something different than OLED displays but didn’t particularly elaborate on the details other than the fact that the prototype had 6 million LEDs, 2 million each of red, green and blue. That suggests full HD resolution in the 55-inch prototype.

Sony reckoned that their new LED display would be superior to LCD and plasma in all facets of image quality including contrast ratio, viewing angle and colour reproduction. That said, the technology isn’t going to appear in TVs any time soon, not for several years in fact.

In terms of shipping televisions, Sony unveiled a raft of updated models in the firm’s Bravia range. Somewhat curiously the firm didn’t unveil any new sets with Google TV but rather chose to focus on set top boxes offering Google TV.

The NSZ-GP9 Blu-ray player and NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player offer Google TV functionality and will come equipped with keyboard remotes. The devices should hit the market during the summer (the northern hemisphere summer anyway).

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