Latest uber graphics card appears in the channel, hungry gamers begin snapping them up with glee.

AMD Radeon 7970 goes on sale

The latest AMD Radeon 7970 graphics card, the claimed ‘fastest in the world’, has officially gone on sale albeit in limited supply.

A number of online retailers have begun selling a range of Radeon HD 7970 cards with the MSI HD 7970 3GB and Sapphire HD 7970 3GB cards in stock, as well as boards from HIS, Gigabyte and Club3D available at some retailers such as

As expected for a brand new flagship gaming card, the prices are steep, ranging from £479 up to £529 although some retailers are offering own-brand cards for less including Dab’s ‘Value HD 7970 3GB’ for £439.99.

XFX looks set to unleash a blitzkrieg of different models ranging from a standard edition, ‘core’ and ‘black’ editions and a ‘black edition thermal’ with enhanced cooling. So far these devices are on pre-order.

Hexus has a detailed breakdown of which online retailers have which 7970 card in stock and their pricing.

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