Free wi-fi network to be ready in time for the London 2012 Olympics, or so they say.

O2 to launch Europe’s largest free wi-fi in London

Mobile network O2 is to provide free wi-fi access across the London boroughs of Chelsea, Westminster and Kensington as part of a roll out that aims to become Europe’s largest free wi-fi zone.

The wi-fi network will be provided through base stations attached to street equipment such as phone boxes and light poles. At least some of the network will be ready in time for the Olympics although it’s not known how much.

Despite earlier concerns that the network will not be ready in time, Transport for London maintains that wi-fi will be installed up to 120 stations in time for the Olympics.

O2 said that the operator would ultimately operate a network of 15,000 wi-fi hotspots by 2013. The London network will be free of charge to visitors and residents alike although it will contain some advertising.

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