The CES 2012 pre-launches continue with more vague details about upcoming ultrabooks.

CES 2012: Acer launches ‘world’s thinnest’ ultrabook

Acer unveiled what the firm claims is the world’s thinnest ultrabook, the Acer Aspire S5 – just 15mm at the thickest part of the chassis.

The 13.3-inch is equipped with Acer Green Instant On which the firm claims is a unique feature to provide fast boot and resume times. The brushed aluminium exterior has rounded corners and is coloured ‘onyx black’.

The Aspire S5 weighs just 1.35Kg will be based on a solid state drive. They’ll also be USB 3.0 and an Intel Thunderbolt port but Acer isn’t saying anything else about the S5 just yet.

The firm also announced another ultrabook, the Aspire Timeline Ultra, will be somewhat larger and heavier due the onboard optical drive. The Timeline Ultra will offer 8-hours of battery life and contain better-than-useless graphics via an unnamed discrete graphics card onboard.

As usual there’s no detailed specs, prices or anything like that but it seems the S5 at least must be a Sandy Bridge design since Acer said it would be available in the first quarter.

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