Internet giant borgs up more IP guns to add to the patent wars arsenal.

Google snaps up more IBM patents

Internet giant Google has acquired a raft of patents from IBM as the firm continues ‘arming up’ a patent portfolio to defend against the patent-related legal attacks which have become common place.

In total California-based Google acquired over 200 patents, in addition to 1,000 patents the firm also bought from IBM in July and another 1,000 in September. The veritable tech innovator IBM has a rich portfolio of patents which will be highly attractive to the cash-rich Google in the ongoing patent wars.

The latest patents cover a variety of technology relating to advertising, instant messaging, calendars, databases, e-commerce and server related technologies.

The December acquisition brings the total number to something like 2,200 from IBM. Large as that is it’s small pickings compared to Google’s move last year to acquire Motorola Mobility which will include more than 20,000 patents in a $12.5 billion deal which is still yet to pass regulator approval in Europe.

More patent buys are likely as Google moves to defend Android against the firm’s online business as well as Android against ongoing attacks from Apple and Microsoft.

Even BT having a go at poor old Google these days.

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