Steve Jobs RIP tattoos, javascript code, Windows logos and QR codes in ink.

Worst geek tattoos exposed

Read Write Web has published another compendium of geek-themed tattoos, adding that there is "probably nothing in geekdom, no matter how arcane, that hasn’t ended up on someone’s skin."

The site published the first set in May last year, featuring 30 of the "Best (and worst) web tech tattoos". Giant RSS logos, WordPress logos, Google logos and the likes of Farmville even featured, etched forever into epidermis.

Into a new year, Read Write Web published a second set of 32 tattoos, kicking off with a few of the inevitable Steve Jobs and Apple themed tattoos as Mac fans sought to indelibly mark their grief at his passing.

One of the perhaps more surprising tattoos is a large figure of the decided less cool Bill Gates in his youthful geeky prime, decked out in oversized glasses and presiding over a large Windows logo.

RFI tags, HTML markup, Javascript code and Unix shell script lines also feature with varying degrees of tastefulness.

We have to admit, though, the QR code tattoo seems like it’s not an all together terrible idea. Business card? No sir, merely scan my forearm. Yes, okay, it’s a terrible idea.

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