Reports suggest that new Intel architecture will be a popular choice for PC tablet makers.

Windows 8 to pair up with Intel Clover Trail in third quarter

Intel’s upcoming ‘Clover Trail’ architecture-based Atom CPUs will be the device of choice for Windows 8 tablets expected to appear towards the end of next year.

The DigiTimes said that ‘first tier’ PC builders Acer and Lenovo will produce tablet PCs based on Windows 8 and the Clover Trail Atom during the third quarter. Far Eastern supply chain sources said that the next-gen architecture Medfield was "eclipsed by ARM-based processors in terms of performance and power."

The sources reckoned that PC makers are therefore turning to Clover Trail which, it seems, has an appearance schedule which looks quite friendly for the upcoming release of the next Windows OS.

A separate CNET report quoting a "source familiar with the plans" also backed up the claim that the chip would arrive at the same time as Windows 8. Clover trail is, apparently, a multi-core design which it’s thought is more friendly for tablets rather than the smartphone ‘Medfield’ which will arrive in the second quarter.

DigiTimes sources, at least, seem to be bullish on prospect of Windows 8 tablets in enterprise rather than becoming a serious competitor for the iPad.

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