Two toy companies have revealed a new Steve Jobs action figure

iCEO Mini: The latest gadget for Apple fans

Inicons and Dragon In Dream have teamed up to release a Steve Jobs action figure, reports the Daily Mail.

The 12-inch doll, named iCEO Mini, comes just three months after the death of the former Apple co founder. The doll features Jobs’ trademark look – black turtleneck, jeans and John Lennon style glasses.

Although this is not the first attempt a company has made at selling a Steve Jobs doll, this one is looking to be the most realistic yet. The model, built to one-sixth scale, can be pre-ordered at a cost of $100 and comes in a box featuring the design of Jobs’ official autobiography.

There is a lot of doubt as to whether this action figure will get an official release, as Jobs’ family successfully blocked the use of his likeness back in 2010 when the company MiC Gadget attempted to sell Steve Jobs dolls on eBay.

If the action figure does go ahead, included in the box will be an extra pair of glasses and an additional pair of hands. Although some of the press photos show the iCEO Mini posing with a tiny iPhone, this will not be included in the set.

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