What happens when Transformers collide?

Toy giant Hasbro sues Asus

Taiwanese PC vendor Asus is being sued by toy firm Hasbro over its award-winning Transformer range of Android tablets.

Hasbro argues that the Transformer infringes upon its own Transformers trademark – the popular series of toys that change into robots.

It’s seeking damages and an injunction until the matter can be sorted with Asus.

While Asus could try to argue that toys and computers are in different fields and so similarities in brand names don’t matter, the Hasbro Transformers line does cover a wide range of products including PC accessories.

A statement from Hasbro read: "Hasbro continues to aggressively protect its brands and products and the specific actions we are taking today against Asus underscores yet again Hasbro’s willingness to pursue companies who misappropriate our intellectual property for their own financial gain."

Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, could not be reached for a comment.

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