We ask the event's curator why dealers should get involved

PCR Retail Boot Camp Q and A

As momentum builds for next year’s PCR Retail Boot Camp, we had a quick chat with curator of the event and marketing director of 360 Business Marketing Gemma Telford.

Give us a quick summery of the PCR Retail Boot Camp

The PCR Retail Bootcamp is a brand new event, backed by PCR and aimed at the retail sector of the IT channel. It will bring together 250 of the top retailers and resellers for a day packed full of interaction, excitement, value and networking.

The day is deliberately pitched in a very different way to traditional industry events and will be much less focused on endless powerpoint presentations and instead will offer an exhibition element, speaker panels, networking, and sessions that will make it worth resellers taking the day out and will help them develop and add value to their businesses.

It’s about getting ‘Fit For Business’ so that retailers and resellers are better able to compete in today’s tough marketplace, but with a really positive spin.

Why should retailers and resellers attend?

We want the day to provide real, take-away value for the attending retailers and resellers. There will be speakers that specialise in their section of the channel, like Carl West from Gfk, but also varied speaker panels addressing topics which will help them differentiate their own businesses and maximise their revenue and profits.

For example, there’s lot of talk about BYOD and the consumerisation of IT…what does this mean for retailers and resellers and how can they make the most of these opportunities?

The day will be positive, forward thinking and focused. It will celebrate the best of the retail IT channel and show attendees how in a tough climate there are still chances to make money, stay focused and exploit the gaps and opportunities that arise.

What makes this show different from other shows in the IT channel?

Retailers and resellers will be personally invited by vendors and distributors attending the event. The event will be by VIP invite only and as well as getting the latest advice, hearing debates on the key topics and learning how to maximise the available business in the current tough climate, there will be opportunities to meet peers, colleagues and channel leaders.

The exhibition will showcase the latest products and POS, and there will be opportunities to attend breakout sessions with key vendors and distributors for their business too.

The post event drinks reception will be a chance to let their hair down, have some drinks (this seems to be quite an important part of industry events!) and walk away with a valuable goody bag at the end of the day.

Why is it important to network with other dealers, disties and vendors? What can be achieved?

Many people in the current climate think that events have had their day and argue that much more can be achieved by online communications, phone and video conferencing and webinars. All these things are important and have their place, but I still believe that people buy from people.

Through the work I do at 360 in the channel, I see the same frustrations over and over again…vendors struggle to find the ‘right’ resellers to engage with, and proactive, focused resellers and retailers struggle to engage with the right person within target vendors.

I like to bring people together and PCR, through this event will make that happen. Key vendors and distributors in the channel will get face time with 250 of the top channel retailers and resellers, and these resellers have a real opportunity to meet with and engage with vendors.

How do I get involved?

Lobby your favourite vendors and get them to attend… and then invite you! We are asking that resellers who would like to attend can let us know via email – pcrbootcamp@intentmedia.co.uk – and we will ensure that sponsoring vendors and distributors get the list of potential attendees. You can also follow the PCR Retail Bootcamp on Twitter and via the PCR homepage.

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