Price comparison site Idealo says "dramatic" SSD price crash is set to result in price parity in 300 days.

SSD prices to equal hard drives in under a year

Price comparison site Idealo has found that street prices of solid state drives have plummeted at a time when hard drive prices have increased due the Thai floods.

"Prior to the floods SSD prices were already falling at a rate of 7 Pence per day. However, between October 14th and the 31st there was a 10% price decrease, as prices fell at an average rate of 75 Pence per day," Idealo said.

The firm called the price trends "quite dramatic" and said that if they continued, the price "velocities" of hard drives and solid state counterparts would equalise in six months time although that assumes that hard drive prices would continue which the firm admitted was "unrealistic."

If hard drive prices returned to pre-flood levels, the current downward trend would result in price parity in a little less than a year.

"This would be an amazing accomplishment for the SSD market," they said.

One might point out a couple of significant flaws with the analysis, starting with the current surge in lower pricing is being driven by a newly delivered flash memory. Such surges downward are typical and typically not sustained for prolonged periods.

The prediction also doesn’t factor hard drive prices continuing a downward trend when factories get back to business.

Still, lower SSD prices are clearly a good thing.

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