Adds new Black Edition Fusion APUs with unlocked multipliers while others get a mild speed bump.

AMD boosts Llano APU range

AMD announced a range of updated APUs offering a mild speed bump for the combined CPU/GPU chips in the ‘Llano’ family including a pair of new unlocked ‘Black Edition’ processors.

Most of the dual and quad core APUs have had a mild speed bump of around 100MHz but AMD has also introduced a range of chips with a ‘K’ suffix which will have the internal multiplier unlocked for enthusiast overclocking.

The new The A8-3870K and A9-3670K are, however, somewhat limited in that they will only allow an extra 500MHz overclocking on the CPU and less on the GPU.

The new flagship AMD A8-3870K has a quad core CPU clocked at 3GHz as standard with a 600MHz Radeon HD 6550D GPU.

The new parts should appear in the channel in the new year.

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