Patches Windows to make nice with AMD's oddball shared core architecture in the latest FX chips.

Microsoft yanks AMD Bulldozer hotfix

Microsoft has pulled the download for the Windows ‘hotfix’ for AMD Bulldozer CPU performance, saying the release was prematurely published in error.

The hot fix altered the behavior of the Windows 7 task scheduler to better take advantage of the somewhat unusual multi-core architecture of AMD’s Bulldozer design as seen in the FX-8150 processor.

"As part of our joint work to optimize the performance of ‘Bulldozer’ architecture-based AMD processors we collaborating on a scheduler update to the Windows 7 code-base," said Microsoft after pulling them update.

According to Microsoft the patch would improve performance between 2 to 7 per cent so it was hardly setting the world on fire anyway. Still, hopefully it will return and possibly even get closer to AMD’s claimed performance boost of 10 per cent as seen with the beta version of Windows 8.

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