New SSD range uses the latest generation of NAND flash chips to drive costs down.

OCZ Petrol range reduces SSD prices by 30 per cent

Solid state storage specialist OCZ has released the Indilinx Everest-based Petrol SSD Series which is among the first to use next generation NAND flash to close the gap on hard drive pricing, they said.

The OCZ Petrol SSD Series will be available in models ranging from 64GB to 512GB capacities over the next few weeks. The new drives deliver bandwidth of 400MB/s and 35,000 IOPS and are optimized for the complete spectrum of file types and sizes, OCZ said."Until today, SSD adoption has been limited to high performance applications due to the high cost of SSDs in relation to slower rotating discs, and we are proud to once again close the gap in pricing without sacrificing durability," said OCZ chief Ryan Petersen.

It does seem somewhat odd that the firm would name their budget drives after a commodity with ever increasing prices, specifically since the drives sit at the other end of the performance scale than ‘Petrol’ would normally imply. The company didn’t provide pricing but some US stores have begun offering the 64GB drive for less than $115 and the 215GB drive for less than $400. If that 64GB price looks pretty good just beware that the small drive is limited to write speeds of around 75MB/sec.

The 128GB drive is the first in the range that appears to perform like most other SSDs.

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