To arrive before Job's "cracked it" voice-enabled HDTV set if analyst rumour is to be believed.

Apple may launch TV-enabled iMac

A new iMac with TV capabilities could arrive before the firm’s expected own-brand smart TV according to an analyst.

BGR reported that Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair took a break from commenting on the triangular fried potato snack market to claim than the new iMacs could launch in the first half of 2012.

The new iMac will essentially bundle the features that are found in the firm’s current generation Apple TV device.

The idea of a slim all-in-one PC with a TV tuner and PVR app is hardly groundbreaking although doubtless Apple will claim it is if they should launch such a device.

The development of Apple’s own brand TV prompted Steve Jobs to say "I finally cracked it" according to his autobiography. One might expect something pretty special in that case and the New York Times revealed just how that might be.

The paper said Apple’s new TV would use voice commands rather like the iPhone 4S’s Siri digital assistant. The Wedge Partners analyst didn’t have anything specific to say about Siri-like voice capabilities of the mooted TV-iMac but he did reckon sweet chilli sauce is the way to go.

We may have made up that last bit.

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