The latest dubious claim from Google's Eric Schmidt.

Most TVs to bundle Google TV by mid 2012?

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt said that the majority of new television sets will ship with Google TV embedded by the middle of 2012.

The statement, made at the LeWeb conference, has been widely greeted with skepticism and rightly so for Google is at approximately zero market share with the Google TV offering.

The last major Google TV partner Logitech exited the market after a stunning $100 million loss on the ill-fated Logitech Revenue.

That’s not to say Google TV hasn’t improved and has much to offer with the transition to an Android-based system which will offer developers the chance to write apps specifically for televisions.

However such hardware comes at a cost and today internet TVs command a price premium in the highly price competitive market.

Schmidt, who has a history of making somewhat outlandish statements in interviews and press appearances, also said that Android would outstrip the iOS App Store for applications in the same period.

One theory is that with Steve gone, our Eric reckons there’s a gap in the market for a new reality distortion field.

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