Fire up the coffee machine and select how many cups to brew, all via the web.

Student builds web-enabled coffee machine

A Canadian electronic engineering student has built a web-enabled coffee maker in order to satisfy "every engineering student’s basic need for caffeine."

While Google is rumoured to operate a secret Google X Lab with such blue-skies projects as an internet-connected fridge, second year engineering student Jamie Maloway took matters into his own hands on a more modest scale.

Taking an off-the-shelf drip filter coffee maker and connected it to the internet, the net result is a web interface which provides the means to power up the coffee machine and brew 2 to 12 cups of coffee.

The project uses the enthusiast’s favorite Arduino micro controller platform with plenty of custom made hardware for such tasks such as measuring the water level in the reservoir and operating a water pump.

Check it out at Maloway’s project web site here.

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