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LG joins the ultrabook party with the Xnote Z330

Korean electronics giant LG is the latest to climb aboard Intel’s ultrabook bandwagon with the new LG Xnote Z330.

Just 1.2Kg and less than 15mm thick, the sleek and sexy (laptop!) 13.3-inch form factor offers a modest 1366 x 768 display, thin 8mm screen and super-fast suspend and boot times.

The LG ultrabook will offer a choice of Intel Core i5-2467M or the beefier Core i7-2637M processors and 120GB to 256GB of SSD storage depending on wallet specifications.

Aimed firmly at the upper end of the ultrabook scale, the announced Korean pricing equates to a starting price of around $1,499 and higher if fitting some of the pricier components.

There’s no word yet on a launch outside of Korea but it’s unlikely to be long.

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