Acer chief JT Wang reckons that prices will first need to drop before the category takes off.

Ultrabooks to revive the PC market says Acer

Acer Chairman JT Wang said that Ultrabooks will revive the stalled Wintel platform and that the difference between laptops and tablets would become more blurred.

Speaking at a press conference in Taipei, Wang also said that the Intel branded super thin notebook category needed to be priced at less than $700, according to the Taipei Times. Somewhat less than even the lowest priced devices on the market which start at around $800.

The company expects to ship between 250 and 300,000 ultrabooks in the fourth quarter but Wang also added that the global IT industry was shifting focus towards emerging markets due to slow growth in the developed world.

Wang said that he believed the Intel ultrabook form factor would become the mainstream tablet and notebook specification within the next five years.

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