Personified cube produces printout sourced from social media feeds

Little Printer produces personal ‘newspaper’ from web

Ever wanted to print out a mini-newspaper based on your social media and news feeds direct from your smartphone?

If for some reason the answer is yes, you’ll be pleased to see UK company Berg has swooped in to fill this shamefully overlooked gap in the tech landscape.

The Little Printer is a personified cube controlled by an iPhone or Android app. It can print receipt-like updates once or twice a day, pulled from feeds like Google, The Guardian, Asup and Foursquare.

The firm certainly gets points for going against the grain. With more and more people opting to consume media on mobile devices over print, this represents the antithesis of the way the rest of the world is going.

Complaining about the ‘attendant complexities of computers’, the firm said: "Little Printer is more like a family member or a colleague than a tool. Plus paper is like a screen that never turns off. You can stick to the fridge or tuck it in your wallet. You can scribble on it or tear it and give it to a friend.”

Hard to argue with that.

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