Many issues fixed including nasty PC UI problems.

Skyrim 1.2 patch incoming

A patch for Bethesda’s epic RPG the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set to arrive on the 30th of November, taking the version up to 1.2.

The new patch has been releases for the PlayStation 3 already with the Xbox 360 and PC patches set to arrive on Wednesday. Among the bugs fixed in the PC version is a crash to desktop with audio sample rates other than 44,100Hz.

Some of the PC UI issues resulting from the usual consoleitis port will also be addressed such as the mouse sensitivity issue and Bethesda is also allowing PC users to exit from menus via the escape key.

Bethesda said they would continue monitoring forums and blogs for outstanding issues.

Originally the PC version had not registered the Skyrim executable within Steam which made modifications straightforward but a later patch added the executable and killed off mods and patches such as the 4GB memory hack (Skyrim can only use 2GB as standard).

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