Kickstarter project for stunning looking transparent touch keyboard and mouse combo.

Glass touch keyboard seeks investors

A interesting new take on the humble keyboard and mouse is now seeking funding in order to produce multi-touch based devices with transparent glass surfaces.

The mooted Multi-touch keyboards and mice are described as the next generation in computer peripherals, made out of tempered glass on solid metal bases with no moving parts. The wireless peripherals are also said to be coffee and donut resistant.

Appearing as a Kickstarter project, the project is the brainchild of aerospace engineer and a serial inventor Jason Giddings. The Kickstarter project is seeking $50,000 in pledges with $150 securing a production wireless multitouch mouse, $250 the keyboard and $350 for both.

Lesser pledges are being offered the chance to name the range and if chosen will receive the multi-touch keyboard and mouse combo. At the time of writing the project had 88 backers and was almost half way to the $50,000 goal with over a month to the deadline.

Based on a touch screen technology called FTIR or Frustrated Total Internal Reflection, the devices use infrared LEDs placed at the edges of the glass where touches will result in reflections which are seen by the built-in cameras.

The project is also seeking to open source the driving software which the developers are hoping will give rise to advanced features such as dragging and zooming gestures.

See the Kickstarter project here.

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